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Business Angel Services 


Good ideas need to be supported. No matter how experienced  founders are, an external perspective from people outside always helps, and everybody values sparring partners. We partner with selected companies and startups that value business model discussions and external expertise. We play your Advocatus Diaboli in the world of startup hypes and fantasy.




Business happens between people


We value that business is established between human beings.

The online world helps us connect.

We strive to match demand and supply.

Business Consulting


SMEs often have a long track record with their core competences and are well established in their business fields. We assist these companies in analyzing their Trade & Business Models and checking their cost structure from an external perspective. Our focus is more cash flow based and less on balance sheet tuning. Please note that we do not offer any services to the metals industry.

Shell Services


Publicly exposed individuals or people with an increased need for discretion might consider an external partner for the realization of publicly published projects. We work according to service level and operation agreements especially for providing online shop services to the public, on behalf of clients. Please note that all activites must comply to both your local and Austrian law.



Matching supply and demand is one of humanity's oldest activity. We believe in responsible trade for selected goods.

Business Network


We love to see people realising their business dreams. Connecting people leads to mutual benefit. We would like to be a part of your success and give a helping hand where ever possible.

Business is our hobby


The cooperation should create fun on both sides!

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